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Arrange Mode!

In addition to the Original Mode which is closer to Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1, there is also a new Arrange Mode that lets you enjoy a completely redesigned game balance! In Arrange Mode, regardless of story progression, you can use all 27 playable characters from the beginning. That includes all of the Maker characters!

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Have fun dressing them up however you want!

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Adjusted Content Within Arrange Mode


The following adjustments have been made with consideration towards each character's in-game strength.

  • Changed starting stats, and changed some of the initial skills that characters have.

  • For characters who can transform into CPUs, made their abilities even more powerful than the original game post-transformation.

  • The growth of SP from a level up has been reduced, but instead SP Skills' effects and performance have overall been strengthened/adjusted.

  • Reduced the amount of EXP needed to level up past Lv. 100.

  • Characters' initial MOV (movement ability during battle) has been set to "7" or more on average, and made the field easier to move in.

  • Elemental defense has been set for all characters, and when taking the corresponding elemental attack from enemies, the damage can be drastically reduced. Because of this, even powerful enemies can be defeated with low levels.

  • Physical and Magical typing has been added to each characters' attacks, as well as Slash/Strike/Pierce/Gun/Beam typing, and damage dealt to enemies can increase or decrease drastically depending on typing.

  • Lily Rank's increase pace has been upped "x34".
    *These changes have also been added to Original Mode.


The following has been adjusted so various items can be obtained from the beginning.

  • At the start of the game, several items and equipment will have already been acquired.

  • After defeating the game's first boss, Guard Vermin, most of the equipment that modifies a characters' appearances will be in the Shop.

  • It is now possible to acquire some equipment in a first playthrough that was only available in a second playthrough.

  • Equipment that can change appearances can now all be bought for 1,000 Credits, except for weapons.

  • Lowered the cost of powerful equipment.

  • Bracelet and Armlet type equipment have been adjusted, so that Bracelets primarily increase HP and SP, and Armlets primarily increase Physical and Magical Defense. Also, most equipment's stats have been adjusted.

  • The selling prices of materials collected early in the game have been increased.

  • Changed the name and description of some equipment, or their graphics.
    *No change to Original Mode


The following adjustments have been made to increase the strategy to battles and make them flashier.

  • Most skills now have an added knockback effect. Now, subsequent attacks during combos will not miss.

  • All skills within the game have been adjusted. In addition to changing their power, the stronger the skill you use, the longer it takes for your next turn to come around, and when only Rush-type Combo attacks or support Skills are used, your turn will come around faster.

  • During regular monster battles, their organization has been adjusted so that more appear than in the original game.

  • All stats, whether minor or boss enemies, have been adjusted. Part of the skills they use and their movement patterns have been changed.

  • Minor enemies that you are forced to battle for the story have been organized with their own status.

  • Removed the auto-healing ability from enemies.

  • Greatly reduced enemy Guard Break resistance values.

  • Adjusted enemy MOV values, and made them vary greatly based on the enemy type.

  • Increased item drop rate from defeating enemies.

  • Changed the names, graphics and type of some enemies.


Other various parts have been changed.

  • Trophies can be unlocked regardless of whether in Original or Arrange Mode.

  • Part of the trophies' contents have been changed as well.

  • The story and the game flow are the same as Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, and there is no change with Original Mode.

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